CakePHP / Почему не работает save()

1. Save() does not work!
Sometimes it happens that save() fails without any obvious reason. Your data array looks fine and you’ve build the form correctly, etc., etc., but no query was executed. It is very possible that save had failed due to validation errors. Maybe you are updating some model and while the current fields in the form pass the validation, there is a chance that some “other ones” are causing the validation rules to fail. An easy (and helpful) way to see what’s going on with validation is to do pr($this->validationErrors); in your view. By employing this method you’ll see exactly what’s happening with your model’s validation. The other option is to pass false as a second parameter to save(); in order to disable the validation. However, the latter method does not give much of hint and should not be used to fix a failing problem, but rather to purposely avoid validation.
2. Save() still does not work!
Do you have beforeSave(); in your model or app model? Always double-check for this method, and even more importantly, ensure that it returns true.
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