Symfony2 / There are no commands defined in the "doctrine:migrations" namespace

This can help (for Symfony 2.1):
Follow these steps to install the bundle and the library in the Symfony Standard edition. Add the following to your composer.json file:
  "require": {
    "doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle": "dev-master"

Update the vendor libraries:
$ php composer.phar update

If everything worked, the DoctrineMigrationsBundle can now be found at vendor/doctrine/doctrine-migrations-bundle.

DoctrineMigrationsBundle installs Doctrine Database Migrations library. The library can be found at vendor/doctrine/migrations.

Finally, be sure to enable the bundle in AppKernel.php by including the following:

// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
  $bundles = array(
      new Doctrine\Bundle\MigrationsBundle\DoctrineMigrationsBundle(),

Don't forget to do all the steps. If you'll still experience this problem - try to recheck all the steps. This works for Symfony 2.1.


  1. Thanks, helped to notice taht I need to register bundle in symfony 3 as well.