AWS / Useful directories for a Python application on Elastic Beanstalk-managed servers

  • /opt/python – Root of where your application will end up.
  • /opt/python/current/app – The current application that is hosted in the environment.
  • /opt/python/on-deck/app – The app is initially put in on-deck and then, after all the deployment is complete, it will be moved to current. If you are getting failures in your container_commands, check out out the on-deck folder and not the current folder.
  • /opt/python/current/env – All the env variables that eb will set up for you. If you are trying to reproduce an error, you may first need to source /opt/python/current/env to get things set up as they would be when eb deploy is running.
  • opt/python/run/venv – The virtual env used by your application; you will also need to run source /opt/python/run/venv/bin/activate if you are trying to reproduce an error

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